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Please consider donating $25, $50 even $100 or more to Just For U Ministries. As you bless this ministry I believe you share in the blessings of God upon this ministry. For your online tax deductible donation of $25 or more DONATE NOW  We will email you a link for a FREE MP3 download of “Say It Until You See It”. If you choose to mail to your donation this inspiring message will be mailed to you on CD. As you share a generous gift with Just For U Ministries know that together we are reaching people and changing lives daily.

Just For You Ministries Inc. is in need of your help with the following:

·  Donations for our Scholarship fund for underserved youth.
·  Acquiring 2 new computers.
· Donations to update our website to meet our current demand.
· Donations for materials and supplies.

 Your financial support allows Just For U Ministries to continue its outreach efforts. We have been blessed to: 

·  Provide 19 Scholarships to underserved college freshmen.

·  Donate 200 neckties to inner city male students for their school uniforms.

·  Sponsor a Back To School rally that provided 700 Chicago inner city students with book bags and school supplies.

·  Donate 500 books to children in Detroit and Flint, Michigan

·  Support an international school in Ghana, West Africa with computers and medical supplies.

· Provide over 150 winter coats and 230 uniforms to inner city students.

·  Have a Television ministry that reaches potentially millions worldwide.

·  Provide career and workforce mentorship.

·  Provide mentorship for ministers and outreach partnerships with various initiatives worldwide.


Blessings Just For U,

Sandra Riley

Together We Can Make A Difference
6/27/2016 5:33:21 PM
Just For U Ministries
47 W. Division Ste. 351

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