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austine i. Post
February 2, 2017
Am asking God for Spiritual Growth, Supernatural supplies, Divine Guidance and Divine Health. In jesus name
elsie g. Post
October 20, 2016
Im praying for my life back my life back with the lord life before all the pain i endured I just want to feel alive again
shontell w. Post
August 12, 2016
Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Please pray for my 17 yr old son Isaac. His dad left us when he was 13 and it devastated him. I had to take a 2nd job to pay the mortgage so I was working all the time and did not realize he had turned to some older guys in the streets. He joined a gang and has made really bad choices. He has been in and out of juvenile for the past 3 years and on July 1 of this year he was arrested for numerous serious felonies and is locked up in an adult facility. He is facing a very long and tough sentence. He finally gets it that he was born to serve our God. Please pray for him and pray God has mercy on him and gives him another chance.
Andrea h. Post
January 7, 2016
Hello my name is Andrea Hillsman I need prayer for my sons. Marquavious is 21 Saheed Snow is 20 they are both locked up and have lost their way please pray for them thanks
Mary M. Post
December 23, 2015
I prayed for you to come to Agape Family Worship Center and God has done it! This is a praise report; therefore I am going to sit back and eat every Word of God that comes from your lips New Years Eve and the first Sunday. Nevertheless my next pray is -- that you return for our Women's Week. Thank you Jesus!
Vertie A. Post
November 14, 2015
I really need prayer,3 years I had to move in with my play aunt and uncle and it has been stressful every since. Now the house we stay in is in no shape to live in. There is holes in the roof, my room leaks every time it rains, the wall has mold in it and it is starting to make me sick. I made up my mind to move so I got me a little pt job. I want to Alabama, I saved some money to go but now I can't because my uncle took the money I had to move. Please pray that God will bless me with the money to move because I can't stay I this house like it is.
pb k. Post
February 24, 2014
sister sandry i am very happy in this movement i find a wonderful ministry,god bless you. i am teacher in india.i am saved by jesus christ. i am also preach some holidays some places. please pray for my family,children.thank you.
philippa m. Post
June 21, 2013
Am praying for my baby. Thats iinside of me to be a blesin in life that he can be all he can

yin for my baby. Thats inside of me to big
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 20, 2013
Good Evening,

I am sending this message to request prayer for my brother who has been arrested for his third strike for something that has been alleged to happen in 2010. They are claiming that he assaulted a woman in 2010 and according to what my mother informed me of is that the female doesn't recognize him. However, because of his prior convictions the police arrested him anyway and he has been in jail ever since. My brother has a wife and two kids, and three grandkids. He had a good job as a janitor and finally everything has been going great. He just purchased his first home and now it seems as though the devil is trying to take it all away. My brother is not a believer but I am as well as my mother and the rest of my family. I pray that God breaks the chains for my brother and opens the doors to his cell. I pray that God enters my brothers life and showers him with grace and mercy. I pray that my only brother comes home and that his daughter can be alleviated of the stress and pain that she is going through. I pray for restoration, and a miracle. I also pray that God covers my family at this time. I also pray for my daughter who is going to college this year. We don't have all of the money but I'm praying that he steps in as I too am going through a battle. I lost my job in August and because I have been fervently praying the prayer of Jabez, God gave me a job but I'm still having trouble with the bills and finances as a single mother.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 20, 2013
Pray for my daughter Lina who has been diagnosed with MS.. While walking to her car she just fell and fractured her foot... Pray for her strength and understanding on her job.
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